How To Wear Suspenders – Few Useful Tips

It’s kind of hard to fathom, but contrary to popular belief, the belt is a comparatively recent invention. Ahead of World Battle We, the popular approach to keeping one’s trousers up was with a set of suspenders.

Nowadays, suspenders tend to be seen as a relic from another period and/or emblematic of certain types of individuals or occupations – they’re worn by dandies, bankers or iconically by waify punk rockers and hipsters.

However , as we’ve began to change as a menswear culture towards an understanding of quality and well-appointed details, suspenders is now able to be considered yet another component in the well-dressed modern gentleman’s sartorial playbook.


This is a genuine “line in the sand” concern for me personally. Suspenders should be fastened with control keys. Period. End of debate.

  1. Don’t Wear Suspenders with a Belt

Suspenders are a way for maintaining your jeans up. A belt is another way for keeping your jeans up. Don’t ever wear suspenders with a belt (or a belt with suspenders?). It’s exactly like wearing a tie up pub with a waistcoat. Choose one technique or the other. Don’t cross the channels.

  1. Are Belt Loops Ok?

Here’s a subject that could incite an energetic debate: putting on suspenders (even fastened with control keys) on jeans that likewise have belt loops.

Hardliners will let you know that if you’re putting on suspenders on a set of jeans with belt loops that you’re not all-in. We could respect that.

However, it’s nice to have options. Particularly if you’re heading to be spending some hard-earned dollars on the Designed to Measure suit. Maybe you’d prefer to style the suit with a belt sometimes, but also reserve the to wear suspenders when the feeling strikes. There’s nothing at all wrong with putting on suspenders on jeans with belt loops.

With that said, it can look cleaner, more advanced and more dedicated if you forego the belt loops for part tabs.

  1. Proper Adjustment

Suspenders used to come in various sizes/ measures. Now they have adjusters. When dialing in the right size, there’s an equilibrium point between being too loose and too limited – the second option can result in an uncomfortable tightening up of the jeans between your buttocks. Ahem.

  1. Mind the Waistline Size

Suspenders are best on jeans which have just a little room in the waistline. If your trousers are limited – or flawlessly suited to your waistline – you don’t need suspenders. Unless, of course, you’re seeking to add an unneeded fashion item to your lifestyle.

  1. A Delicate Accessory

A set of suspenders is no accessory that’s designed to be flaunted. Back the olden times, these were considered a kind of underwear – a not-quite unmentionable that wasn’t especially designed to be seen.

Fans of plastic poultry cuff links may disagree beside me here, however when you’re discussing classic beauty, subtlety rules your day (or night time).