A list of the best outdoor wedding ideas

outdoor wedding venue

Knowing how to filter out the best venues can be an important part of planning your wedding. Wedding venues range in size from big to small, from winter to summer and from indoors to outdoors. In case you and your lover choose to hold your wedding outside, you’ll want to make sure that the venue showcases the wonder and spaciousness of the outdoors but maintains the comfort of indoors. You can produce a comfortable and creative outdoor wedding with these ideas!

There are cushions on the seats

For an outdoor wedding reception, the first and most elementary suggestion is to provide cushions on the seats. You can maximize difference for your guests’ experience by including this simple requirement when conducting a lovely ceremony. It is also possible to decorate your wedding chairs with simple white bench cushions or more creative decorations.

Bridal Steps for Bridesmaids

As your bridesmaids helped to make the wedding celebrations as successful as possible, return the favor by making sure to avoid creating a terribly uncomfortable experience for your bridal party. You don’t want your girls to be standing on grass the whole time… If your reception is taking positioning in a garden or field, consider positioning a small platform or cement or wooden blocks where in fact the bridal party will be standing. Chances are they won’t have to worry about sinking in to the grass or breaking a heel, and they can give attention to your lovely ceremony that they came to see!

Don’t forget your dancing shoes

Even if you are concerned about other high-heeled guests but want your ceremony to be outdoors, you aren’t forced to settle! Consider giving your guests the choice to wear their favorite classy wedding flats rather than heels. Alternatively, if the ceremony will take place on a field, but the reception will take place on tough ground, you provides your attendees with cheap flip-flops. In addition, this will improve your guests’ comfort while walking the venue, and, of course, dancing the night time away!

Drinks that contain ice

If your wedding takes place during summer and the weather is required to be warm, consider making ice cold drinks available outside. The positioning does not necessarily need to be where your bar is located. Alternatively, ask your venue to put out buckets stuffed with ice and beverages or place a water bottle on every seat.

UV protection

It is important to keep everyone hydrated during an outdoor summer daytime wedding. Your older guests, especially, may find it difficult or uncomfortable to stay in the sun for a quite a while. Provide sunscreen tubes for your guests so they can have a truly outdoor wedding. Providing shade or shady areas is also important.

Remember to prepare for temperature drops

If you are planning on having a wedding in the evening, retain in mind the predicted climate. Ensure catastrophes on your wedding day are avoided by providing wraps and blankets for your guests to use in the chillier moments of the evening. The advantages of maintaining your guests feeling good outdoors are worth investing in, even if it seems unconventional.

A fan with an electronic motor

If you are having your wedding during a humid and hot season or in a humid location, regardless if this is a day or evening celebration, you will want your guests feeling comfortable and happy. A wedding has a tendency to get hot and stuffy when there’s dancing involved. Having large electronic fans throughout the venue can help in keeping your guests cool while dancing or even just travelling.


There is nothing much better than illuminating your outdoor wedding venue to be able to brighten up the venue or create a dim romantic atmosphere. By using string lights, you possibly can make your aisle walk even more special.

Creatively light up your tables

Additionally to string lights, candles, and lamps, another way to light your wedding venue for an evening celebration… Placing camping lanterns under tables creates a lively glow and adds a unique touch to your décor.

Make a classy access

Adding creative decorations to your wedding is rather easy. When planning an outdoor wedding, you can install an entry with lace curtains framed by a frame that gives a romantic and classy feel as your guests arrive. If your venue is laid out differently, your wedding entry may be the essential thing your guests see when they arrive, or it could better suit the beginning of the aisle.

Maintain the desert

If your wedding is outdoors, your party favors and desserts are vulnerable to the elements and any pesky bugs that joined your celebration. By keeping your appetizers, desserts, and cakes under an insect-repellent canopy, your guests will remain safe. Even if eventually the net will need to be removed, keeping the treats protected at least in the beginning of the big day will be worthwhile.

Using microphones

A wedding that features an outdoor ceremony and even speeches will need a microphone. It is difficult to hear well outdoors because the acoustics are generally poor. If you have a microphone, your guests and you will be able to hear your lovely wedding vows.

An outdoor wedding can be an enjoyable occasion, but it lacks some measures of guaranteed comfort, such as temperature control and good acoustics. That’s the reason you can find such importance in making sure that your outdoor wedding is all you deserve!

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