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In England, Scotland and Wales you have to, being a car rental customer, be ready to drive on the left side of the road. It could sound extremely tough, but once seated in your English rental car with all the steering wheel on the right side, it can soon seem natural to adhere to the traffic on the left side. Most will quickly adopt to the new kind of driving, even though distance assessment (where on the road) the car is located, could be harder to evolve to when you just ‘moved’ into the other side, both on the road and in the car.

Inverness is better known as being the capitol of the Highlands and it also is among the fastest growing cities in Scotland. There are several fantastic attractions in the city and surrounding area plus it provides an excellent base for touring the highlands. There is absolutely no shortage of accommodation having a wide selection of bed and breakfasts and hotels in Inverness.


Inverness because the main hub inside the Highlands has excellent transport links for the surrounding towns and also to one other main cities in Scotland. You will find a domestic airport which is simply a few miles away from city. From this point you can find flights to many Scottish islands as well as Edinburgh, Dublin and London.

The primary train station is within the city centre just a five minute walk from the main shopping area. You can obtain a direct service from Car Hire Inverness to Edinburgh, Perth and Aberdeen. In addition there are connections for the other main cities and towns in Scotland.

The bus station is a couple of minutes from the train station again in the city centre of Inverness. You will find buses that connect Inverness towards the main cities in Scotland, such as a budget service operated by Megabus which includes routes from only £1 one way. There are also services towards the surrounding towns, including Fort Augustus and Fort William.


Inverness is well served by accommodation having an especially large amount of bed and breakfasts which are visible as you drive into the city. The town centre also offers a fantastic choice of luxury and budget options with hostels and hotels in Inverness available.

One of the best Inverness hotels is definitely the four star rated Inverness Marriott Hotel which is just a mile from your city centre and dates from the 18th century. Should you go a couple of miles away from city then the Culloden House Hotel offers excellent 5 star luxury accommodation.


Urquhart Castle

Urquhart castle is all about 15 miles from Inverness on the road to Fort William and is really worth a visit. Even though castle was mostly destroyed through the Jacobite wars there is certainly still much to view.

After having a short presentation on entering the complex you can get out and explore the multi amounts of the castle ruins. There is also a fantastic look at Loch Ness as the castle sits over looking the loch on its elevated site.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is easily the most famous loch in Scotland as well as at 22.5 miles long it actually holds more water than each of the lakes in England combined. There are several boat trips available both from Inverness and Fort bgzvfm which offer the simplest way to see Loch Ness.

There is also information available on the background and mystery in the famous loch at Drumnadrochit visitor centre. Ensure you pack a couple of binoculars in order to attempt to view the lochs most famous resident, Nessie.

Jacobite Cruises

There are several options in terms of a cruise on Loch Ness but Jacobite offer the most comprehensive and diverse packages. Leaving from Inverness, you can choose one of the numerous packages available starting from a regular dinner cruise to some all-inclusive exploration package with trips to Urquhart and Culloden.

The shortest cruise lasts only one hour as well as the longest is 6 hours, addititionally there is an opportunity to book the boat to get a special event or if you want to indulge try among the champagne cruises.