University of Tanjungpura Towards a Developing Education in Indonesia

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What is UNTAN? What is the role of UNTAN in developing the country?

Together with UNTAN to build a country that is optimizing the development in the field of education, especially at the university level. Adequate educational facilities and students who excel will build Indonesia’s country becomes better. This is based on the Education Law in Indonesia. One of them is article 1 verse 1 which means that the purpose of education is to create human resources that have quality in terms of morals and spiritual, attitude, personality, as well as intellectual skills and ability so as to build the nation and country towards the better again. The contents of the Education Act is in line with the mission of university Tanjung Pura namely advancing science to create quality human resources to build a shared country.

Building the country through previous education is also delivered by the minister of education and culture (Kemendikbud) Indonesia which refers to the Development Plan of education based on Nawacita (nine ideals and expectations) National Medium Term (RPJMN) 2015 – 2019.

Profile of University of Tanjungpura (UNTAN)

What is the purpose of education has been applied in UNTAN (Tanjungpura University)? Along with qualified educators and adequate facilities that can make the next generation as a determinant in the development of the country. Untan has a vision that in the year 2020 will become the leading educational institution in terms of preservation and scientific information center in West Kalimantan and able to produce graduates qualified, morally and compete high in the international world.

A Brief History of UNTAN

UNTAN is an abbreviation of Tanjungpura University having its address at Jalan Prof. Dr. H. Hadari Nawawi Pontianak, West Kalimantan 78124. The university was founded on August 15, 1967, which was previously named Dwikora University, the change of name is based on Presidential Decree No. 171 the Year 1967.

Initially, UNTAN provides faculty of Law and Administration, now UNTAN has various faculty one of them concentrate on the Department of FKIP (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education). Culture and Daily in UNTAN are very concerned about religious values one of them get used to praying before learning. Outside the class many activities that can be obtained ranging from extracurricular activities (skills) and become social activists (BEM). Having activities outside the classroom is very important for students at the college level.

During the semester one student is focused on Character Education program. This program is part of the religious education course. Students are directed to join the program with the intention that when they graduate they not only have a high discipline but also have good morality and personality and religious so that can channel their knowledge in a positive direction.

With so many activities outside of this class, students can learn about social activities, community culture and apply the disciplines they have learned. Because basically to build a country cannot be separated from the development of social sciences that apply in the community, especially in the area of West Kalimantan.

About FKIP majors at UNTAN:

Concentration of S1 UNTAN

  • Sport Science
  • Science Education
  • Language and Art Education
  • basic education
  • Education Social Sciences
  • Mathematics and Science Education

Master Program S2 UNTAN

  • Education administration
  • Education Bahasa Indonesia
  • English language education
  • Economic Education
  • Teacher Education Elementary School
  • Mathematics education
  • Sociology Education
  • Education technology

The role of UNTAN in Building the Country

Teacher is the most important role in building the country

UNTAN graduates are prospective teachers, where a teacher is able to make his students more qualified, so as to build this country become more advanced in terms of morals and intellectual ability. A professional teacher is able to disseminate knowledge without excluding the culture, morals and spiritual values prevailing in society.

Therefore, teachers have a very important task and great responsibility in developing human resources. Together UNTAN prospective teachers are able to build a more qualified, competent, and beneficial to others.

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